P2E Game eTukTuk Burns 30% of Supply – Next Notcoin? Presale Ends in 4 Days

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Notcoin has outperformed the market this week, with a 28% uptick to $0.16, as the Play-to-Earn (P2E) sector finds its footing. This is great news for new projects like eTukTuk ($TUK).

eTukTuk has made its presence known by burning a whopping 30% of its total supply in its presale. That’s a huge boon for presale buyers and potential new buyers, with the token now scarcer and potentially able to grow in value.

Ten percent of the tokens’ total supply is allocated to the presale, with the rest divided between other areas, including staking, marketing, and liquidity.

There are just four days left until the presale ends, so potential buyers must act quickly to secure their tokens at the fixed and discounted price.

So far, eTukTuk Presale raised over $3.5 million in presale funding. $TUK will go live on Uniswap on 16 July at 11am GMT.

Liquidity will be locked on Uniswap, reflecting the team’s commitment to long-term growth.

There are also rumours that eTukTuk will be listed on centralized exchange listings within one week of its Uniswap launch. 

Presale investors are cashing in with 80% APY staking rewards

Presale investors can begin staking their $TUK immediately and currently garner an 80% APY.

Staking rewards will continue for three years, and stakers can withdraw their rewards after an initial seven-day lockup period.

$TUK has launched under the BNB chain’s BEP20 token standard. This gives two pronounced advantages over competitor chains.

First, BNB is fast, cheap, and popular.

It’s quicker, and fees are far lower than on the Ethereum network. Moreover, it is within the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning users can access it with a standard MetaMask wallet.

For that reason, the BNB chain has averaged over one million daily active users in 2024.


In the eTukTuk Crazy Taxi game, players race the bustling streets of Sri Lanka, picking up and dropping off passengers and earning $TUK in the process.

$TUK is the in-game currency. In addition to earning it, players can use it to make purchases, pay for upgrades, and access exclusive features.

The second benefit to launching on the BNB chain is that eTukTuk will likely end up on Binance’s radar, potentially leading to a prized listing later this year.

The thriving GameFi market is worth over $11 billion, and now eTukTuk is joining the party

The GameFi market is anticipated to grow to over $46.8 billion by 2030, according to a report by HTF Market Intelligence.

In today’s environment, the report values GameFi at $11.37 billion.


However, the report does not factor in the recently launched Notcoin and some of its peers like Hamster Kombat.

Notcoin is a Toncoin-based Play-to-Earn game that has pulled in over 40 million users.

These users could partake in a simple clicker game to earn tokens, which later became exchangeable for $NOT.

Notcoin’s unwavering success inspired countless other Toncoin P2E projects to emerge. 

Toncoin’s integration into the Telegram messaging app has provided a boon to the trend.

While eTukTuk is not operating under the Toncoin banner, its robust P2E model is equally enticing and drawing lots of attention. The important distinction of eTukTuk is that its game is more expansive and based on skill.


Enjoyment and skill are the first call for next-gen P2E games like Crazy TukTuk Taxi

While early P2E games like Axie Infinity and newer numbers like Notcoin certainly caused a stir, they fall short in substance.

These games emphasize earning rather than playing. 

This can attract large quantities of value-extracting players, but it does not hold the same staying power as a game favouring enjoyment and skill, like Crazy TukTuk Taxi.

eTukTuk players will start in Sri Lanka and can unlock new locations and upgrade their tuk-tuk taxis along the way.

Players will earn $TUK for each successful trip. These tokens can be used in-game or traded for other cryptocurrencies.

eTukTuk is proven secure and available on Android and iOS

Third-party auditors have already conducted rigorous smart contract testing and found that eTukTuk is safe and secure.

The $TUK token is available on the BNB chain, and the presale accepts payments in BNB, ETH, USDT, and bank card.

eTukTuk’s team has already proven its worth by launching the game and reducing the risk of buying $TUK at presale.

The Crazy TukTuk Taxi game remains in its preliminary stages until the presale ends, but expect adoption to ramp up once marketing begins.

Download the game today on the App Store or Google Play Store and begin your Sri Lankan taxi escapades. Also, investors can buy the presale for exposure to this high-potential cryptocurrency.

You can stay updated by following eTukTuk on X or joining its Telegram.

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